In accordance with Government, National Smallbore Rifle Association, and MFTA guidelines this document sets out operating and course-conduct procedures to be implemented at Millride Ftc shoots.

It is intended to reasonably mitigate the threat of Covid-19 and allow us to return to our sport, in an outdoor environment, whilst maintaining safe social distancing and hygiene.

Please note that Millride Field Target Club and Millride Country Sports are 2 separate entities. MRCS are the owners of the land and in return for a fee MRFTC is allowed to shoot there. This Policy Document relates to MRFTC only.


The course will be open to members ONLY and non-members will be refused entry.

Members MUST NOT attend if they are suffering from any of the main symptoms of Covid-19 as laid out by the NHS and which are :-    
                                               High Temperature
                                               New, continuous cough
                                               Loss or change in sense of smell or taste

Anyone seen to be suffering from such symptoms will be directed to leave.

               1)  Course Set-Up and Dismantle

A maximum 4 people to be involved with each of these activities. Persons are to be nominated on an ad hoc basis by the committee or by our chief course builder, Keith Hassall.

Gloves will be provided and will be worn at all times during these procedures. Hand and spray sanitiser to be provided by MFTC. Gloves are also to be worn when opening the equipment container and removing or replacing equipment.

               2)  Arrival, Booking-In, Payment

Shooters not belonging to the same household should arrive in separate vehicles. All vehicles are to be parked away from the cabin, the equipment container, and the point of access and departure from the course.

A signing-in book will be positioned outside the cabin. Members should ideally bring their own pen but the Club will provide some additional ones. Each member should ensure that the pens they use are sanitised before and after use. Sanitisers and gloves will be provided.

In the event of inclement weather his procedure may be carried out in the cabin but only one person at a time will be allowed inside. Entry to the cabin will be restricted to booking-in only. Safe distancing of 2 metres is essential when booking-in, whether indoors or outdoors.

Cash will be accepted for shoot fees, but should any member wish to pay by bank transfer then this can be done by prior arrangement with the Treasurer (RB).

Weekly fees are now £6.50 for members and if paying by cash the correct amount should be tendered as change cannot be given.

In order to achieve safe handling of cash there will be 2 containers available. £1.50 should be put into one and the £5.00 we have to pay to Millride Country Sports into the other. They will be clearly marked.  Should Millride Country Sports request it we have the facility to pay electronically.

               3) Course Design

The main course will be designed to allow for safe social distancing whilst entering, shooting and leaving. A strict one-way system will be in place and walkways will be roped and signposted.

2 people per lane will be allowed but they must maintain a distance of 2 metres apart.

There will be 2 plinking lanes in the field and they will be situated to the left of the plinking shed. These will be limited to 1 person per lane. 

               4) Course Procedure

Gloves and hand sanitiser should used on the course and it is recommended that shooters provide their own.

2 people per lane will be allowed but they must maintain a 2 metre separation at all times.

Access to the course will be strictly feed-on and there will be no lane jumping or overtaking.

To ensure smooth and trouble free progression it  is essential that shooters should not take an unreasonable amount of time on each lane. Transgressors will be advised if they cause any unnecessary delay.

Shooters should be alert to the movement of any other people who may be in or around the plinking shed or indeed, any other area of the site.

Metal hooks will be provided for each shooter to ensure the safe handling of string.

Any malfunction of targets shall be reported to a nominated person and he or she will be the only person allowed beyond the firing line. Gloves to be worn while doing this.

               5)  Competitions

If more than 6 people are in attendance then a shoot will be deemed to be a competition round.

If fewer tha 6 people attend the shoot will be deemed to be a practice round.

               6)  Marking of Score Cards

To ensure safe handling, each shooter must hold and mark the card of his or her partner and at the end of the shoot place it in the receptacle provided

               7)  Refreshments and Seating

No refreshments or seating will be provided by Millride Field Target Club. Any member requiring either of these things must provide their own

It is understood that the café will be open but this will be subject to Millride Country Sports' own procedures.

               8) General

This policy document is subject to change due to prevailing situations and official guidelines.  Any failure to comply with the terms of this document or suggestions for improvement or amendment should be referred to a Committee Member.